Movin Monkeez for Schools

Thanks to Olympic Legacy funding, schools in Basingstoke have taken on a new and exciting initiative, ‘Movin Monkeez Plus+’ to offer their primary pupils a fresh approach to health and fitness education. And the classes have proved to be a huge hit!

The Founder of Movin Monkeez, Rebecca Lane, is a dance and fitness professional as well as a mum. Since Movin Monkeez was launched in 2011, Rebecca has spent time experimenting to discover the most beneficial types of exercises and teaching methods in the classes she runs locally. She also has a pool of leaders across the UK who run their own classes within their communities using the tried and tested syllabus.

Rebecca says: “From running our local classes in the community, we already knew that our Movin Monkeez programme was getting young children excited about exercise and making healthy lifestyle choices. But the fact that schools are now committed to rolling out our new Movin Monkeez Plus+ programme (specifically for children aged 5-7 years), has really confirmed that we have something special and unique to offer at a primary education level also.”

The Movin Monkeez Plus+ programme is available to schools in the following ways:
Option a) Online video teacher training, including lesson plans corresponding to their termly lesson plans in 6 or 12 week blocks.
Option b) A Movin Monkeez teacher provided to run classes subject to availability within the region.

Should Movin Monkeez Plus+ be of interest to your school, please get in touch for more information and fees. Sample lesson plans can be provided upon request