Movin Monkeez awarded ‘Favourite pre-school activity in North Hants 2012’ voted by Netmums!

Movin Monkeez introduces fitness, dance and healthy living to pre-school children and compliments the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children will be introduced to and will learn the basics of fitness, dance, rhythm and movement in a fun and safe environment.

2013 has seen the introduction of Movin Monkeez Plus+ for children aged 5-7 and is currently being rolled out in primary schools. These classes concentrate on the same aspects but in a more mature way.

We focus on using props such as scarves, balls, beanbags, instruments, balancing equipment, parachutes and many more. The children explore different movement exercises to fun and stimulating music while working in groups and pairs.

Movin Monkeez is split into three different age groups so children are able to concentrate on exercises specific to their age group. Adults are welcome at every level and are encouraged to participate with the children, a fantastic bonding experience for both.

Group 1: Crawlers – 2 years (approximate age)
Group 2: 2 – 4 years
Group 3: 5 – 7 years