Become a Franchisee

With Movin Monkeez already experiencing great success in a number of UK locations, we’re looking for enthusiastic and committed people to launch Movin Monkeez franchises across the country starting from as little as £500.

Becoming a Movin Monkeez franchisee will give you the exciting opportunity to run your own flexible business, which can be tailored to fit around your family life.  You don’t need any formal qualifications to run a Movin Monkeez franchise, but you do need to be passionate about and enjoy working with children. All learning resources are online, so you can learn within the comfort of your own home without the need to attend lengthy training courses.

Our franchise package includes everything you need to start running your Movin Monkeez business:

  • A five-year licence to run Movin Monkeez exclusively in your own dedicated territory
  • Structured lesson plans
  • Promotional marketing templates and marketing support
  • Use of Movin Monkeez branding, logo and Trademark
  • Your own designated website page
  • Online instructional videos
  • Birthday party package (for increased revenue potential)
  • Christmas party package (for increased revenue potential)
  • Movin Monkeez Plus+ Package (for children aged 5-7)
  • Merchandise for up-sell opportunities

The Movin Monkeez training school will also be available to you. This is a fantastic mentoring programme to help you get the most out of your business. This information is gold dust and a must for anyone starting their own business. It covers everything you need to know about Facebook, Twitter, advertising/marketing etc.

Unlike many other franchise opportunities, we do not ask for thousands of pounds from you up front (or ever) and we don’t take a share of your profits. Movin Monkeez is focused on delivering a viable business opportunity that you can start rolling as quickly as possible.

Please contact Becky today by email or by phone for more information about franchise opportunities in your area or for a copy of our detailed franchise prospectus.
Phone: 07725 581 218