Where it all began…

annie me and milo

The founder of Movin Monkeez, Rebecca Lane, is a passionate fitness professional with the aim of teaching as many children as possible about the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

With child obesity continually making the headlines, Movin Monkeez is one approach which is fighting back! Launched in 2011, Movin Monkeez is about more than having fun (although this is very important too!), it’s also about teaching our children to make the right choices as they grow up. To accompany the Movin Monkeez programme, Rebecca launched her ‘Meal Time Madness’ cook book filled with delicious, healthy and child-friendly recipes.

Being a mum herself, and a dance and fitness professional, she has been able to experiment with many different exercises to create a syllabus comprising tried and tested methods that benefit the children’s learning experiences the most, while making sure that having fun is at the heart of everything.

Movin Monkeez is now launching in additional across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with the hope to make a step overseas.